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Caster Sugar, from West Indies Sugar, is a professional-grade, ultra-refined, pure cane sugar which many bakers and chefs often refer to as baking sugar. This white granulated sugar is formulated to exceed the most sophisticated baking requirements. The ultrafine grain size crystals, in our Caster Sugar (Castor Sugar) are recognized and appreciated by professional bakers as the crystals naturally enhance the flavor in baked goods like pastries, frostings, glazes and brownies.

West Indies Caster Sugar is 100% pure cane sugar. The primary source of this treasured baking sugar is American grown sugar cane. We are convinced that sugar cane (grown above the ground) delivers improved results when compared to beet sugar (grown underground). After the refining process of our Caster Sugar is complete, this extraordinary cane sugar is packaged for individual orders and shipped promptly to you from our central Florida facility.

The Benefits of Using West Indies Caster Sugar:

  • The crystal size of our immensely refined sugar is the finest of all types of granulated sugar. As a result, these ultra-fine crystals dissolve much more quickly, easily and smoothly than traditional extra fine table sugar.
  • The West Indies pure cane crystals provide increased surface area in the mix to entrap more air and moisture. Your cakes turn out fluffier with a lighter texture and cookies are deliciously moist with a more even texture.
  • The uniform granulation of our cane sugar crystals is not coincidental. They are uniform in size for a reason. This assures even baking and a more homogenous finished product for you.
  • The measurement of West Indies Caster Sugar is exactly the same as your extra-fine granulated. For example, if your dessert recipes call for one cup of extra fine table sugar, then one cup of our Caster Sugar can substituted. It's that easy.

Pure Cane Caster Sugar has complimented both professional chefs as well as the home baker for years. In addition, this West Indies sugar product continues to be specified in more and more recipes. With its popularity growing, West Indies Caster Sugar will undoubtedly continue to be a valuable baking asset in any well-stocked kitchen pantry.

We regard baking as the final culinary frontier. Therefore, we invite you to expose your taste buds to some adventure and excitement by letting them go where they have never gone before. Experience Caster Sugar, a baking sugar from West Indies Sugar, which generously fulfills its dual role as both a pure cane sugar and a uniformly granulated sugar, in order to exceed the stringent baking requirements of professional bakers and chefs.